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Maxime Ouimet: A Fearless Quebec Hero

 Maxime Ouimet: A Fearless Quebec Hero

Officer Maxime Ouimet broke all the rules when he quit his job with the Laval police last week out of respect for his fellow citizen. Maxime went public to claim he “worked for the people, not a dictator.”

The media portrays Maxim as defiant, renegade cop who gave up a $100,000 a year salary because he could afford to thanks to his many successful business ventures. But they also smear and mischaracterize him throughout. In one interview, the first question a reporter asks if he’s going to quit his job on the force to be a fulltime conspiracy theorist.

According to Maxime, he quit because he thinks the police are being used to enforce constantly changing and contradictory rules. Maxime thinks the Quebec government doesn’t know what it’s doing and is sending the wrong signals to the public by using the police to give out expensive fines to scare citizens into full compliance with the latest health fads. But the problem is, even the police don’t follow the rules much of the time.

Maxmine points out the police are supposed to wear masks in the office, but a lot of the time they don’t unless some authority figure is around. So not only do the police not wear their masks all the time, but they pretend they do when the boss is there.

“If not wearing a mask is well tolerated within the police force, then under what logic could the police give out fines to citizens not wearing a mask?” Perhaps there is no clear logic, and as one police woman put it to me on the phone, the police don’t make the rules, they just enforce them. So Maxime did what he was told. He gave out tickets and felt like a hypocrite.

Because the police feel bad about the tickets, they often write the wrong name or do something to make the ticket invalid. He remembers giving $10,000 of tickets out to one group of people in a car. When challenged in court he claims he made the evidence disappear to protect the citizens. My guess is Maxime didn’t feel good about destroying evidence either. He probably realized that might have been illegal. And it begs the question: who’s the criminal now?

The anti-maskers who want to protest the very thing they get ticketed for? The police, who destroy evidence to cover up the ticket they were forced to give to citizens who broke a “rule” many police don’t follow either. The politicians who made them do it and appear to the common man as unaccountable and out of control?

Maxime also brought up something I have not heard mentioned in the mainstream media: the premier’s latest edict said police would be stationed at high schools before and after school hours to make sure all the kids wore their masks as they walked out of school. Not to be oppressive as one police women put it to me on a recent call, but to serve as reminder of the rules.

At this point, we’ve had to wear masks long enough to know it’s a big game. Almost everyone wears one, but if you’re stuck somewhere for a while, the masks come off. And if they don’t come off, people fidget with them non-stop defeating the purpose of the mask completely.

And what’s happened is the government has turned us all into little virtue signalling bullshitters. We pretend to be onboard with the latest health orders because we want others to know we care, but once we’ve established that, we go back to being “normal,” whatever that means in 2020.

So while the government plays pretend everything is fine, the rest of us are stuck making sense of it. Thankfully, not everyone is buying into the bullshit. According to Maxime, at least 50% of his peers agree with him. Thank you to him, all here’s a little prayer to the 50% that might join Maxime if ever things get crazy enough.

Throughout the many interviews of Maxime I watched online he came across as a sincere guy with a deep sense of right and wrong. He’s a man on a mission, and he wants you to know he’s not comfortable with everything he sees going on around him. He calls it a masquerade. Maxime goes so far as to say there is no Covid: it’s a hoax. While I disagree with him there, what is not a hoax is the government’s over reaction is turning ordinary people into criminals for wanting to breath fresh air. Our rights are being trampled on by what seem like crazy politicians. Thankfully, some police are still sane.

According to Maxime, many police agree they’re being asked to go too far, but there’s little they can do about it for fear of being reprimanded or losing their jobs.

Since he spoke out against hypocrisy and abuse at the department, he’s been subject to an investigation and had his business burnt down. Who would do such a thing I wonder? Other police wanting to send a message? Government goons? Social justice warriors? Something tells me we will never know.

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