Mass protests in Germany trigger the CBC:Again

The title says it all: politicized, partisan, hackery.

The CBC provides zero evidence protestors are far-right, and without bothering to define the term it’s just a slur. What does it mean? Anyone in the far-right today is a racist, bigot, anti-abortion, anti-vaxxer, Trump loving looney. But what the title doesn’t capture are any important details about the event. No worries though, I’m sure everyone reads the whole article.

The CBC goes on to make the confusing claim that some activists call for Violence, and some don’t. Which is it? It’s telling which one they mention first:

“Police, who deployed 3,000 officers to control crowds expected to reach 20,000, have prepared for possible violence as activists opposed to the virus measures urge social media followers across Europe to arm themselves and gather in Berlin.”

Sounds dangerous, but fear not because Berlin’s interior minister, Andreas Geisel will counter the appeal of the violent right-wingers with “I appeal to everyone to gather in Berlin without violence.” Powerful stuff. It almost seems like the CBC wants to cause chaos where none exists.

But then we learn the organizers aren’t condoning violence at all “Querdenken 711, one of the movements behind the protests, urged demonstrators in a YouTube video to “be peaceful and exercise no violence toward the police.”

While the CBC piece is short and shallow, the twitter headline is what matters because it’s fake news. It’s fake because it promotes a narrative that anyone who would attend such a protest is right-wing, alt-right, neo-nazi, science deniers.

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