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How much power does Dr. Tam have over Canadians?

 How much power does Dr. Tam have over Canadians?

Dr. Teresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, commands a lot of power over our lives, but without knowing anything about her past, how can we trust she’s doing what’s best for us?

Trudeau’s first move when he ascended the Throne took nobody by surprise. On the campaign trail he constantly reminded Canadians of our sexism and set about fixing the “problem.” Guided by ideology as opposed to common sense, he sought to “balance” his cabinet with 50% men, and 50% women. Because it was, after all, 2016, Justin noted on his first day at “work”.

One of those positions was filled by Dr. Teresa Tam. Dr. Tam is Chinese and was apparently born in Hong Kong, but the trail goes cold there. Why?

Most politicians take pride in talking about their roots. Here’s a page from Christina Freeland’s Wikipedia page. It’s a short novel. She talks about her High School, her church, her travels, her education and aspirations. She talks about her dad, her mom, how her great grandfather fought in WWII. That’s what I’d expect.

Tam’s Wikipedia page says not much. “Tam was born in British Hong Kong and grew up in the United Kingdom.[3] She attended medical school at the University of Nottingham, earning a BMBS. She completed her pediatric residency at the University of Alberta, and a pediatric infectious diseases fellowship at University of British Columbia”

Three things. British Hong Kong, a lot of school, then Canada. Everything about her is short. The section on Covid 19 is the biggest paragraph in her Wiki page, and it’s full of people pointing out the many contractions and mistakes Tam has made dealing with this pandemic.

Much of the rest of her page is just a copy paste from other pages. There’s nothing else. And for me, that’s a big problem. Everything about her raises questions. But first, let’s drag the elephant out of the room and talk about the untalkable about: gender and allegiance.

Not that it matters that much, but some Canadians wonder if Dr. Tam is man or a women. There’s something that looks a lot like an Adams Apple in the good Dr’s throat. Maybe something got stuck there, maybe she was born a man. I have no problem with this, but I feel the need to bring something up.

Mental health problems can affect us all, so I’m not condemning Tam, but research shows gender dysphoria is correlated with mental health issues. Dr. Teresa Tam has a lot power over Canadians, so her mental health matters. If Dr. Tam was a man, would it matter? Not really, except that gender dysphoria is a serious medical listed in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5). I wonder out loud if our “top doctor” shouldn’t be a little more “normal.”

Maybe you’re ok that a full grown man dresses like a woman, God knows Tam isn’t the only one. I personally see nothing wrong with it, but I’m not comfortable with such a person making health recommendations to me, yet alone the entire country. If our Top Doctor had another mental condition, say schizophrenia, would you be as accepting? Why not?

The Chinese Connection

Dr. Tam didn’t come from nowhere, she came from China. Perhaps no nation in the world is more proud of their culture and heritage than the Chinese. The Communist Party of China instills many “truths” into the minds of its citizens making them perfect white collar spies.

Reports of this go back decades, and should be considered fair grounds to ask Dr. Tam to clarify her past. Because if Dr. Tam is a Chinese spy, and I’m not saying she is, but if she is, she’d be the perfect decoy. She can’t be criticized because she’s in a “protected” class, and we know next to nothing about her. But given what we know about Chinese espionage in Canada, I believe there is cause for alarm.

Dr. Tam knew a pandemic could happen in Canada at any time, and even made a documentary about it several years ago. The documentary which featured Tam talking about the government’s response to a pandemic, a Covid pandemic just like the one we are permanently stuck in now, has Tam talking rather casually about the lengths the authorities might be forced to go to if Canadians don’t comply with “health regulations.”

Did you know, a decade ago Dr. Tam already envisioned some of us might need ankle bracelets, or might need to be hauled away by the police for not “complying with health regulations.”

I put that in quotes because she uses those exact words in the film. Tam is a woman ahead of her times. Tam worked out ten years ago that Canada would likely find itself caught in the throws of a pandemic, she might sort of take control of things like our lives, and if you disagreed with her the state had ways of taking care of your attitude problem. I’m not saying she hinted at that, she literally says it in the documentary.

Our destiny is with Tam

But the real problem is Tam’s qualifications and let

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