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Francois Legault is threatening us again

 Francois Legault is threatening us again

It sounds reasonable when Legault, the premier of Quebec says “The next few weeks are critical. I need all Quebecers to PLEASE be prudent and respect our instructions.”

In another Tweet he writes ” With the lockdown we succeeded to limit the spread of Covid 19. It permitted us to save thousands of lives. Our challenge now, is to stop the spread for going up again.”

It’s all reasonable enough on the surface, but keep in mind under the surface lies the very real threat of another lock down, and the subsequent devastating effects on our lives.

The unstated premises in all his comments are if we don’t succeed more will die, he will be forced to close down the economy, and he will blame us. Legault makes it sound like we all just need to chip in a little more, sacrifice a little extra and all will be ok. Nothing could be further from the truth. For if and when Covid ticks up, and we all know it will especially with more testing, it will not be our “fault.”

We cannot afford to roll over and die, to stay home and let our children suffer in isolation. We cannot afford to let our business and careers die. We have lives to live Mr. Legault, and we will live them. This cannot be stopped. It can’t even be avoided unless your intention is to destroy the fabric of our society which depends on commerce, education and personal contacts. You know this.

Otherwise, why would you retweet something like this

The Tweet says it’s “inevitable” students and teachers will become infected with covid, and there’s “no need for alarm, just apply (health) measures to avoid outbreaks.”

So if it’s inevitable, what do you want us to do about it? We are following your measures, we have accepted your restrictions, but everyone knows Covid will spread throughout the population as will the flu and colds do every year.

Stop blaming us in advance, and stop your passive aggressive threats. After all, from the start of this pandemic we followed your confusing directives, accepted your draconian shut downs and unlike you with with a clear path of financial escape from the effects of your decisions.

Quebecers are devastated by the hurt and pain you’ve caused to us and we will suffer from this for decades to come. So leave us alone. Covid is not the dangerous disease you made it out to be. It’s just as deadly or less so than the season flu. Everyone knows this now, why don’t you?

Stop threatening us. Instead get to work figuring out how you are going to protect the elderly in your care who need it most.

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